17 Aralık 2013 Salı

Coldplay - The Scientist

Well, here we are, in the middle of the winter. there is snow everywhere, A cold wind caress our faces, it’s impossible to go out without berets, shawls and gloves. While walking in streets full of snows and feeling warm inside, there is only one voice to hear on headphones, Coldplay. The great vocal and music, helps us feel the winter and the melancholy on air. 
There are such songs, they never get old even though being listened so much and so often. This song, The Scientist, is one of those songs. I’ve been listening this song for years, every winter, for thousands of time, still feeling the same as I listened for the very first time. 
The funny thing in this song, in lyrics, there is a sentence “You don’t know how lovely you are” but, my sweet lover knows. Whenever I mention it, I got an answer like “I know”. That’s funny and very loveable. 
It’s not snowing now. I didn’t have a chance to listen the song while it’s snowing. This is my second year that I’m living my favourite season, winter, with snow. I can’t wait the next time it snows and listen this song while watching the beauty of the nature.

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